George Saunders

Got to see my all-time-favorite George Saunders at the Fitzgerald Theater this week. He was the guest for the pilot episode of a new Minnesota Public Radio series called Wits.


I love this guy. Please go out and read Pastoralia, and you will fall madly in love, too.

I kept thinking of how much he reminded me of Chris Elliot. Don’t you think?

The theme of the episode was about whether or not hard work is really worth it. Amy Sedaris and Chuck Klosterman called in and talked about their shitty first jobs. And Mike Doughty led a singalong at the end. Have you ever seen George Saunders singing “Sixteen Tons” into a microphone? Nope, I didn’t think so. It was an amazing night, and there are three more episodes to come. Tickets are dirt cheap–twelve bucks for students, twenty-five for those sad folk who work every day.

I was too shy to talk to Saunders afterward so I emailed him.

Also. Pulled this out of my dog’s mouth:
So now I am just waiting.

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