Not sleeping so well lately. Thoughts that prevent me from falling into slumber:

1. Do policemen strap your seat belt on you when they stick you in the back of the cruiser? What about in states like Rhode Island, where it’s illegal to ride in the back seat without a belt?

2. That’s not comfortable or That knot’s comfortable?

3. How long would it take me to suffocate in a plant-less apartment with the windows closed?

4. Which is punctuationally correct: B-B-B-Benny and the Jets? or B-b-b-Benny and the Jets?

5. Is punctuationally a word? How about adverbsary or commasation?

Also have been having lots of dream-within-dreams, where I wake up and talk about the thing I just dreamt, then fall asleep again, then dream it again, then later wake up and realize ALL OF THE ABOVE was just a stream of not-realness.

Last night I had such a vivid dream–colors! shapes! microscopy, such as the ridges on the flesh over my knuckles!–that during the dream, I thought This can’t possibly be a dream, and I flew up and grabbed some dry leaves from a tree and crunched them in my hand to prove it. I could feel the sensation of the thing crumbling in my hand like corn flakes, therefore I was situated in reality. I forgot to consider the flying thing. What a large piece of evidence against my theory!

One response to “Sleep

  1. How exciting! It sounds like you may be on the very edge of lucid dreaming. Might be worth keeping a dream log and see what shakes out.

    — redneck

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