Breaking Bad(ass)

Life is so delicate in those first days and weeks of watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. You have to be careful at all times, diligent at every turn, to avoid encountering spoilers IRL. This means: slamming the laptop shut when Brian Cranston’s picture slides up in your Facebook feed; covering your eyes and singing loud, tone-deaf melodies of your own creation whenever clips of the current season are played on the Emmys; and, of course, getting into a cold shower whenever the urge to look at Aaron Paul’s Wikipedia page arises in your chest. (Of course, you simply want to know if he has a girlfriend, where he grew up, when his birthday is so you can send him a card–but you must accept the fact that while you are still living in Season 3, the rest of the world is far, far ahead of you, and Wikipedia has no doubt been infiltrated by these future-dwellers.) The internet is now my enemy.

This image brought to you by the most perilous of Google searches.

And for some reason, we’re having a hard time getting through this show quickly. Don’t get me wrong–we freaking love it, like the rest of the human race–but it’s not like Mad Men, the first five seasons of which we were able to watch, with only a modicum of shame, in less than a month.

But you can’t really do the binge-watching thing with Breaking Bad, or at least I can’t. It’s way too grim. The suspense is so masterful that I feel very near the brink of an anxiety attack when Vince Gilligan’s name come s up at the end–I have to pad the time between episodes with meditation, herbal tea, spontaneous weeping. My dear lovie was actually unable to sleep at night for awhile when we were watching the show before bedtime, so we had to shift our schedule around so that BB consumption only occurs before 4:00 p.m.

Which is hard, now that we’re both gainfully employed–the whole process of moving through the series has slowed down so considerably that I wonder if I’ll ever reach that golden Wikipedia page. Will I ever know the true Aaron Paul [as depicted by fans and internet users]? Or will he forever be shrouded in mystery, our destinies never touching because I am terrified of the spoilers that might lie in wait at every dark turn of The Google?

Yeah, this one I just had saved on my desktop.

3 responses to “Breaking Bad(ass)

  1. I rejoined Breaking Bad this season. Fun, but I still prefer Mad Men.

    Rather than reading, lately I’ve been catching up on some movies. Just finished “Black Swan” (slightly disappointing, but I did enjoy the unexpected Cronenberg-ish body horror aspects), “Melancholia” (sci-fi with a wedding? I loves me some good weird sci-fi) and “Frida” (a bit too much of a hagiography, but wow, parts are muy picante! (And Trotsky takes it in the head.)).


  2. I feel your pain. Except replace “Breaking Bad” with season 2, “Game Of Thrones”. We just can’t manage to get past episode 4. The theme song, on the other hand, manages to take over my brain at least once a day. Bugger! Really shouldn’t have mentioned that. Yep, there it goes…da dum, da da da dum. da da dum…

  3. I keep meaning to check out Breaking Bad, but too much on my plate right now. Plus, I’ve become obsessed with Homeland, I, did, however manage to post something new and gave you the One Lovely Blog Award –

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