A Very Quick Update.

The copy machine never works when I need to use it, Minnesota hasn’t yet cracked the 45° mark so we keep putting boots away and pulling boots back out, Obama was born in Hawaii, we all already knew Obama was born in Hawaii, royal people are getting married, Christina Aguilera has a new show where she sits in a spinning chair, Nurse Jackie is the best Netflix decision I’ve ever made, the Wikipedia entry for Insidious was scary enough for me to decide not to see the movie, I drank three beers and nearly cried because Flannery O’Connor is not alive to talk to me, tornadoes are plowing their way through the country, every day we’re closer to finding the God particle, none of us has any idea what that means, Androids are terrible phones that shudder and power off when you’re trying to make an important call, I read Endless Love and hated it, I read The Violent Bear it Away and loved it, I’m reading Empire Falls and I’m ambivalent, Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer, one of the students at my university was killed by a semi truck, it’s still snowing and it’s almost May, Lindsay Lohan is working in a morgue, in Oklahoma they want to give you a life sentence for cooking hashish, they say Tina Turner has a drinking problem, the rivers are high in Iowa, the sky looks like Saran wrap today, the dog is asleep, and still there are so many other things.

2 responses to “A Very Quick Update.

  1. Down here, we've had *lots* of rain and hail, but dodged all the nasty twisters (so far).

    James Gleick's latest is solid, if you've time for non-fiction. (I'd prefer footnotes rather than endnotes, of course.)


  2. His book has one of the sexiest covers I have ever seen. I haven't read it yet, but will sneak a peek…I have J.C. Oates' memoir on my nonfiction list next (though this list is constantly being neglected).

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