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Tomato, tomato

When I went down to Illinois to see my parents last week, I was surprised to discover two things:

1. It had not rained in three months, so the grass everywhere–in my folks’ backyard, across the public park–was yellow and crispy. Crunchy brown leaves lined the streets, as if it was October and not August.

2. Despite the drought, my family’s tomato plants had managed to bear more fruit than they have in years. We ate bruschetta and homemade sloppy joes and pasta sauce. We served every meal with a side of sliced tomatoes, and when we opened the refrigerator to get another beer, tomatoes flew out like untamed birds. My grandmother begged me to take two boxes back to Minnesota, and as I packed them in my car I noticed that her backyard picnic-table was covered with the fat round fruit, a few rolling off the side and landing on the dry, brittle grass below.

Tonight when I got home from work I decided to make tomato sauce because a) it should be easy to freeze the extra, and b) did I mention I have TWO BOXES of tomatoes.

The Trusty Internet advised me that there are way too many recipes out there for a gal to choose from, so I decided to just make it up as I went along. Sometimes my improv recipes are delicious (ham & potato soup!), and other times my Lovie has to put on a brave not-nauseous face while she’s eating (Cheez Whiz casserole!).

But this one smells good. Onion, green peppers, carrots, garlic, oregano, brown sugar, and basil. And of course tomatoes. Now I guess I’ll let it simmer until I’m too hungry to wait any longer.


I only got a little on the ceiling.