Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why I Don’t Write

I don’t write because it’s -12 degrees on a warm day, and the cold has sunk into my bones and made me tired.

I don’t write because the television just distracted me with pictures of a 600-pound woman undergoing surgery.

I don’t write because after a long day at work, and then the bustling evening activities that include exercise and food, I only have an hour before sleep, and I want to spend that hour with my wife, plucking fallen eyelashes off her face and talking about all the things that happened to us that day.

Also, is it just me, or does the internet seem a little crowded these days? Like, so full of opinions that there isn’t room for any more? Every day I see something I want to blog about (Girls has gone off the deep end! When did it stop being cool to be a figure skater? I have urgent opinions about the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts!), I turn on the computer and see that someone else has already made my point, and 546 people have already left nasty comments in response, and then a counter-essay was written, and I get so exhausted I just close the computer.

Dear Reader, you’re too kind to stick with me.