ImageImageThe more I think about it, the less it makes sense to believe in any kind of permanent anything.


2 responses to “Mornings

  1. Hey look everyone, a blog update! I shouldn’t make fun of you, I’m sure you’ve been busy setting up the new house. (Congratulations on that, by the way. And I *totally* would have helped schlepped stuff during the move, if I wasn’t so far away, and if it wasn’t so cold, and if didn’t get dark so early, and if…)

    Subways in your area? If so, please be careful out there:


  2. I have a terrible practice of enthusiastically setting up identities on the internet–such as this blog, such as Twitter–and then forgetting about them for weeks at a time. I’m going to tie a string around my finger (which is actually not an effective tool for remembering things but looks very hip). Thank you for your patience & loyalty, and I love the subway story.

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