Things I Did Today

Ate a waffle with fresh maple syrup from the north shore, started The Human Stain, pruned the basil plant, called Cuisinart to ask for help using my food processor, fixed the food processor, made pesto, sent out five queries for my novel, heard back from one agent requesting the manuscript, praised the heavens!, sang “Sweet Georgia Brown” to the dog with lyrics applicable to her life (furry feet/oh so neat/sweeeeeeeeet poodle town), took a nap, started a new story, went to the dog park and wrestled a urine-soaked tennis ball from the poodle’s mouth, washed my hands, grilled pork chops & applesauce, watched a documentary called Happy, stood on the back deck for Family Hug Time, looked up at the clouds, felt very, very happy.

4 responses to “Things I Did Today

  1. Well, well, well. It’s really a shame that we’re not friends because it sounds to me like we should’ve always been. πŸ™‚

  2. Now I’m dying to know. How did you stumble across my blog, my friend?

  3. My girlfriend ( follows you and recommended your blog. We’re rooting for you!

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