Two things

1. I fell down the stairs, which is the most embarrassing thing you can do in front of your dog, because it forces you both to suddenly face an uncomfortable reversal of roles: you writhing and moaning on the floor, her dialing 911 and calmly telling you to quiet down and keep breathing.

2. The kind editors at one of Minneapolis’ most awesome magazines, Paper Darts, let me rant on their blog a bit about buying new books. You can read it here, and when you’re done, mosey on over to their store and buy John Jodzio’s book, Get In If You Want to Live. Fred Armisen says you should, and he’s pretty much the coolest.

2 responses to “Two things

  1. Sorry for waiting so long to ask, but how did the thesis defense go? You kind of left us hanging there.

    It's damn hot down here in the south. Hot enough time seems to have slowed down.

    I was really bummed when Mad Men finished up, but then I bought some new CDs: Rush's Clockwork Angels…and wait for it…the new Fiona Apple album. The Idler Wheel is _outstanding_. Nearly as intimate as a vivisection. It's stripped down and raw, like a racecar with bare metal edges and exposed wiring, built for a purpose, not comfort. I'm not a big chick music fan, save for early 90's Liz Phair and PJ Harvey (Rid of Me in particular), so I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. She reminds me of Tom Waits at times. It's on Spotify; please give it a try.

    (Did I use enough commas for you?)

    Her touch, finally, is without cruelty.
    “Just ask and my answers will be yes.
    Friend, lover, wife; however you will have me.”
    He remains mute.
    Even in his dreams, he is a coward.


  2. Ahh! Thanks for asking–the defense was good, and now I'm spending the summer/fall using grant funds to finish up my novel & find a home for it somewhere.

    I will absolutely check out the new Fiona album. I know they're like apples & oranges, but Regina Spektor's new one is killer, as always.

    Lovely words, fantastic commas.

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