What what

I’ve been buried in the depths of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, which is one of those books you cannot believe was written by a human being; the scope of the entire story is so vast, spanning generations, utilizing telepathy and magic and political unrest and a narrator so lovingly self-conscious that he is the story itself, and etc. etc. etc., I mean it is like really super good. But long.

Minnesota is easing into winter this year, a phenomenon for which I’m grateful because our heat doesn’t work yet. Electric blankets and hot mugs of chai and so on. Even Nerd Dog has a cold, and I could feel her sneezes vibrating up the leash today as we walked through the rain and the slippery ginko bulbs which have spread themselves all over the sidewalks, where stick to our shoes and paws and thus invite their foul odors into our homes, no matter how often we scrape the bottom of our sneakers on the door mat.

It’s fall!

And it’s Monday, which means that there are a lot of facebook statuses today that begin with “Dear Monday,” and end with some version of “I hate you,” which is hands-down my least-favorite facebook status genre in the world. (My favorite is the kind where people say what they had to eat today.)

I always hated Perez Hilton for being so mean, but now that he’s made a vow of nicety-nice, I realized his site is just bad writing and pictures of people I have never heard of.

Hereafter isn’t as epic as I had hoped, but the tsunami scene in the beginning is dream-haunting; otherwise, it feels like an aged Clint Eastwood has become too concerned with the what’s-going-to-happen-next wonderment that afflicts people in their 70s.

I am too scared to see Paranormal Activity 2, but as always, I read the wikipedia entry created the morning after its release, and it sounds not-as-scary as the first one. Still pretty scary though. For a wikipedia page.

It’s going to snow this Thursday.

I got a tattoo and am mesmerized by the peeling of it; I would gladly spend whole hours scraping my thumbnail against it and watching the tiny bits of ink flick onto the floor, if I wasn’t smashed by homeworkjobteachinglife etc.

McDonald’s Monopoly Madness is my favorite time of year. Because you can eat there guilt-free–you’re just trying to win $1,000,000 to pay off your student loans.

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