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If you’re following this as closely as I am, perhaps you’ve already seen this…if not, take a look at this interview with Liz Phair at Mesmerizing.

She’s promising WCSE-era demos for free soon! And a tour! It’s so rare to read such an informative piece on what she’s up to these days.

6 responses to “More LP

  1. I'm more excited about the potential WCSE material than Funstyle. But I'm weird: I like WCSE better than WS. I really hope she follows through with her promise to send the DATs his way.

    I wonder what's up with–it's been coming up “account suspended” for me the past few days.

    Did you catch the lipstick image she had up on last week?

    Latest read: The Big Short. Not bad at all.


  2. Did you ever hear the real WCSE-era demos? Like “Freak of Nature?” If not, I'll figure out a way to get them to you.

    I didn't see the lipstick image…? I like the cute frustrated pic she has up now. I wish she would hire me to be her web designer.

  3. I don't get a pic right now, but I found this in the source: Pretty freaky and unrecognizable. Can't find a link to the lipstick image, damn it. (I'm pretty sure it was hosted on flickr.)

    I'll have to dig and see what I have from the WCSE era. I know that I've got an MP3 of Jeremy Engle–was that part of the same batch?


  4. She is so adorable.

    “Jeremy Engle” was a B-side from her self-titled album a few years ago…the WCSE demos were great. “Freak of Nature” was on there, and I think the original “Hurricane Cindy,” and all the outtakes from WCSE. If you like that album, you will shit your pants when you hear this!

  5. Ok, then this should do it: liz-phair-wcse-sessions. Looks like three big archives and I'm up to date.


  6. And she's changed the pic once again. Cleavage!


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