When you google “afraid of crying,” pretty much all that comes up are bad song lyrics.

Like this one: she’s afraid of crying/And she can look at me with tears stuck in her eye.

So many questions pop into my mind:

  • How come she’s got tears if she’s afraid of crying? Generally don’t we try to avoid the things we are afraid of?
  • Is “stuck” really the best word here? Doesn’t it connote a solid texture that water doesn’t really have? Like she can look at me with carrots stuck in her eye makes sense, but tears? Was “shimmering” not available? And if it’s really a question of keeping the rhythm, why not with teardrops in her eye?
  • What’s up with the other eye? No tears stuck there?
  • This is Jason Robert Brown, the voice behind these lyrics.

    According to his Wikipedia, this is his wife Georgia, also a composer, and possibly a woman who cries blocks of ice.

    Anyway. No point here–just that together they are adorable.

    One response to “JRB

    1. Someone obviously didn't think it through.

      This post reminds me of the line in a Dashboard Confessional song: “I hope you're as happy as you're pretending.”

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