Hubbeda hubbeda hubbeda. A Watchful Facebook Friend alerted me to the fact that my dear Liz Phair has a new album, Funstyle, to download HERE.

It’s $5.99. I bought it. I listened to it. It’s weird. “Bang! Bang!” kind of reminds me of the slow, haunting quality of “Shallow Opportunity” (she hit a fucking homerun with the comeandgetit EP seven years ago). And “You Should Know Me” is a nice, stripped-down track that highlights those lovely warbly vocals that I love so much. But there are some songs that sound like she got her hands on a demo version of Pro Tools and can’t stop playing with the slow tempo button.

The last time I saw Liz Phair was exactly two years ago when she played Exile live for its fifteenth anniversary. She told the audience then that her new album was just about ready and she would be touring very soon.

And I waited, waited, waited…

Anyway. In other news! My lady friend and I are doing a no sugar/alcohol/red meat cleanse right now, and I have been riding my bike so much I actually have a tan for the first summer in years. Also: loved Wise Blood, can’t wait to see Eclipse, learning to play tennis.

Also swimming with the pup:

3 responses to “Funstyle

  1. Very schizophrenic. I'm just ok with “You Should Know Me”, “Miss September”, and “Satisfied”. Hate to admit it, but “My My” is catchy (even if I find the lyrics are inane) in a Lenny-Kravitz-lite way. I've had “Oh_ Bangladesh” stuck in my head all day. “And He Slayed Her” rocks pretty good too. “Bang! Bang!” has a kind of ethereal/atmospheric groove going on, slightly reminiscent of “Stratford On Guy”, perhaps? “Beat Is Up”, “Bollywood”, “U Hate It”: no comment.

    There's nothing to equal “Divorce Song”, but that's hardly surprising. Drop the jokey stuff and consider it a decent EP?

    I don't find it nearly as annoying as a José Saramago novel. If I'd known they were running low on quotation marks in Portugal I'd have sent some over.


  2. you might just be my soulmate.

  3. I've been listening to the album for the last 90 minutes, and I will now admit to chuckling at part of “Beat Is Up”: the voice-over line “it's been positively proved that most top-40 hits have a BPM of 120 or more”.


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